The Emirates Road Cycling Club

The ERCC is open for Emirates Group Staff and Near Family members to Join. The club is registered under Emirates Airline, however it welcomes membership from Emirates Airline, DNATA, Emirates Holidays, Emirates Sky Cargo, Emirates Catering and Arabian Adventures etc.

The aim of the ERCC is encourage participation at all levels within the sport of cycling, with a view to highlight the “Emirates” brand as much as possible, along with our generous sponsors.



The membership of the ERCC is open to all employees and spouses of any of the Emirates Group.  We also accept affiliate members.  Please see our ‘join’ page for more information.



The ERCC, was founded by Stu Rich, assisted by Richard Evans and Linton Law. The Club first met officially on 5th October 2012. The formation of the Club was instigated to bring together the many cycling employees of Emirates. The Club soon grew very quickly, and in just over a year hosted the first of the Inter-Airline Road Races in December 2013, at which Stephan Roach was the principal guest rider.

The Club has been represented by a broad section of riders in many events worldwide, notably ‘The Argus’ always has a good attendance from ERCC. We ride all year round, despite the heat of the summer, and we will most likely be the main group of cyclists out riding at Al Qudra during a weekday.