Team Time Trial (TTT)

Time for a change to your Saturday Ride?

Emirates Road Cycling Club, aim to hold a monthly Team Time Trial around the 49 km loop of the Dubai Cycle Course, to be held on the 3rd Saturday morning of the month. The event is purely to provide a safe event where you can push yourself a little harder than a normal Saturday morning.

Please check our Event Calendar for details and timings of the next TTT

Any cyclist can take part, you do not have to be a member of ERCC. We hope to have digital timing, and request you make a ‘one-off’ purchase of the “nobi soft=tie for AED 20. (These can be left on the seat post and reused many times.)


There is now the added bonus of prizes at the monthly events, donated by club sponsors. The idea is that small gift donations will be awarded on a monthly basis to one of the competing teams. You do not need to win the event to win the prize! There will be a ‘lottery’ system to select the day’s winner of the prize. At the conclusion of the event, a ‘lottery ball’ will be spun; the selected number by finishing position will be the recipient of the ‘monthly prize’.
The concept is that; ‘participation is more important than winning’; everyone who takes part, stands a chance of taking home the monthly prize.

Start/Finish Procedure

Collect your timing tag from the registration desk near the Trek shop.  The Start/Finish location has again changed slightly due to the new entrance road.  PLEASE PLEASE, once you have attached your timing tag, DO NOT, pass through the start/finish gate until your actual start time. Ride towards the Mosque and back for your “warm-up”.

Start list and Times

To be published (usually a couple of days before the event).

TTT Records:

The “Standard” 49.1 km Loop:

Allcomers Fastest: Team CBI; 10 Sep 2016: 1:03:37.74 (46.30 kph)
ERCC Fastest: Emirates Aces; 11 June 2016: 1:08:29.61 (43.01 kph)

The “Alternate (2017)” 51.5 km Course:

Allcomers Fastest: Frontier Sports 2: 16 Sep 2017: 1:04:49 ( 47.67 kph )
ERCC Fastest: Emirates Aces: 16 Sep 2017: 1:10:08 ( 44.06 kph )

2017 TTT Results

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2016 TTT Results

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