ERCC Club Rides


The fourth Monday evening of the month, we hold an Individual Time Trial The new venue is on the Al Qudra Cycle Track. There is a prize at the end of the year for the winner of the series. Points are awarded according to placing.

Every other Monday evening we meet at Nad al Sheba, from 1830 (June, July and August): or 1800 (September, October, April and May): or 1730 (November to March) for up to 6 laps of the 8.3 km track. The intention is for the first lap to be at 28 kph, as a warm-up; the ride then splits, with the ‘faster’ riders pushing the pace up towards 40 kph by the finish, practising ‘through and off’ techniques.


The second Friday of each month is a designated ERCC supported ride, with an Emirates minibus as our ‘safety’ vehicle. The location and time will be posted on the calendar, and a ‘Ride Captain’ will be appointed to monitor the safety of the event. Red Emirates kit is the requested dress. Pace: 30-32 kph.

On all other Friday’s we meet at ‘The Bottom Of The Stick’ (BOTS); at 05:15 (May to October) or 05:45 (November to April).
The Rides will be determined by whoever turns up on the day, but expect a longer, faster (34+kph) ride of 85-105 km; and a shorter, slower (<30kph) ride of 36-57 km.
The faster ride is NOT a no drop policy, so do not attempt to join this and expect the group to slow to your pace.
The slower group is always a ‘no-drop’ policy.

Another good ride on a Friday is the:
“Roadsters” Ride
Check the Roadsters website for start time!
Usually 05:30 in Summer and 06:00 in Winter (make sure you have lights!)
Distance: 85 km Fast, about 38 kph; steady, about 35 kph.
Sometimes an option to do 120 km.
Please pay the annual AED 200 Roadsters fee (to Wolfi’s Bike shop) to take part on this ride.


The third Saturday of the month is designated as a ‘Team Time Trial’ event consisting of teams of 4 riding 1 lap (49 km) around the Dubai Cycle Course. The event is open to anyone and is designed to be slightly competitive, whilst maintaining as much safety to individuals as possible: see TTT.

Every other Saturday, we meet at the Al Qudra Cycle Track for the “Saturday Coffee Ride”;
start point is Zad’s: 06:00 (May to October): 06:30 (November to April);
The ‘standard’ distance for this ride is 67 km (loop plus additional 18 km loop), this can be shortened on the day to 49 km, dependent on conditions and riders.
Always the option to start earlier at the ‘bottom of the stick‘; 40 minutes before the group starts at Zad’s. 
No drop policy, pace to suit the slowest rider. (About 30 kph). A ‘split’ is permitted at the furthest gazebo for the faster riders to get back early to pre-order the coffee.

Coffee provided at Zad’s by the Club. (Only if you have your ERCC card with you).

The Cycle Hub have 3 rides starting at the bottom of the stick @ 0600. A ‘beginners’ ride of 36 km @ 25 kph (to Zad’s and back). An ‘intermediate’ ride of 60 km @ 28 kph; and a ‘faster’ ride of the same distance: (to Mosque and back). Anyone can join these rides.

Any member can add an ‘Ad Hoc’ event on the Face Book Group Page as an event

An ‘Ad Hoc’ event is anything outside of our normal rides and just lets other members know what you may be planning, in case they wish to join with you.