New Website

Welcome to the new ERCC website, still very much early days but basic content should be there, with more to come fairly soon.

The site is designed first and foremost to be mobile as well as social media friendly.  It features sharing buttons and ability to post events, adverts and posts directly from your smartphones, tablets and desktop.

To add content you require a login, please email me using the contact form and we will assign a user log on and password, which will be emailed back.   Only registered ERCC club members will be allowed to register, privileges of editorial access will be according to need.

We are always looking for ERCC content, so please don’t hesitate to send stories, pictures and ride routes in by email or carrier pigeon (usb sticks only please).  We would also encourage others to share in the upkeep and content of the site, please let us know if you are interested, especially if you are handy with WordPress.

Note, as we represent our company’s brand, we have to be careful what we put up on the site, so please make sure everything is suitably appropriate, otherwise the wrath of the Capt will prevail.