Champion Systems Kit

We love our Emirates Road Cycling Club team kit and think the just released 2018 design, looks fantastic.  So good that we had a unanimous committee vote recently on its look and performance, almost unheard of.  In the picture below the black-waisted jersey is the race kit and is reserved for those competing in race events.  The Red waist jersey on the right is the new normal ERCC kit for 2018.

With the arrival of the new kit, it’s probably time to have a look at the various fit and material options, as the Champion System (CS) ordering  website is arguably not the most intuitive to glean detail from.

CS Jerseys and Bib Shorts come in 4 different materials, Apex, Performance, Tech and Tech Lite in decreasing cost order.  Apex is their top of the line Pro level material as used by UAE Team Emirates.  Performance is the next level down and so on.

Jerseys are available in Race and Club Cut, with Race cut being described as “Euro Fit” so a bit more Pro, snug and aero.  The Club Cut however, may suit those that have a chest and arms that have seen the inside of a gym, or got their carbo-loading strategy slightly wrong.  Ladies cut should be self-explanatory.  All the bib-short materials can have the same choice of chamois pads, click on graphic below for details.

Here are some representative prices for the “normal” short-sleeved jersey and bib-short mix.  There are many other options like fleece lined, but the prices below give you an idea of what to expect.

Material Jersey Bib-Shorts Set
APEX Pro £92 £110 £202
PERFORMANCE Pro £64 £84 £148
TECH Pro £47 £60 £107
Tech Lite £35 £46 £81

There is no doubt the Apex stuff is lovely and would probably work a fair bit better in the summer months, but the standard Tech material is still excellent.   If you want to mix and match, then arguably spend more on the jersey material and a bit less on the shorts, as the chamois pads are all the same.

Kit Order

On joining the Club you will have been given a set of the Red kit, which you are expected to wear on any Club ride and when representing the Club anywhere else.  The Quartermaster is Chris Jones and he holds a stock of kit, please contact him for the issue of the club kit.

For other kit orders, there are usually monthly orders which open for each calendar month; and it then generally takes 6 weeks for production and delivery from the end of the month of the order. (For example: order on 1st Jan, expect delivery on 12th March.)

For all other orders, please log on to the Champion System website

New users will have to set up their own username and password on the right hand side of the page. Initially log in with: Emirates Road Cycling Club and use password: ERCC, then make up your own username/email and password. That should then take you to the current Emirates order. Thereafter, there is no need to log-in using Emirates Road Cycling Club.

Finally sizing chart below