Joining Process

The application process to join ERCC, requires any prospective new member to have a ‘proposer’ and a ‘seconder’ sign the Application Form . Any Committee member, or Ride Captain can act as a proposer or seconder. You need to then attend two separate rides, getting the application form signed at each ride. (The “Members” page lists those who can sign the application form).

There are essentially two types of membership payments:

1) Initial ( or joining ), for which a single fee of AED 500 is payable ( for which you will receive one set ( jersey and bib shorts ) of the red Emirates colour scheme );
2) Renewal, for which a recurring annual fee of AED 200 is payable. ( This is to offset the running costs of the club. )

ERCC member benefits:
Free Club kit.
Advantageous discount with Ride, Cycle Hub and Cycle House.
Discount on bike hire at various Outstations.
Monthly ‘Club Ride’, supported with minibus, water, first aid kit etc.
Free coffee on Saturday Coffee Ride.
Use of Club equipment for free:
Two Kids KRX Race bikes
Bike boxes
Bike rack for 4 bikes
Tables x 2
Bike trailer (for 10 bikes)

Kit Order

Champion System is our clothing supplier.  Please wander over to our dedicated kit page for information on what kit is available and how to order